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The IRS will often issue levies to any and all bank accounts they can find for a taxpayer in hopes of receiving enough funds to full pay the tax liability. Bank levies are different than wage levies, they are not continuous in nature. The IRS must continue to re-submit a bank levy in order to attach to any possible funds in an account.

The bank levy only attaches to the money that is in a bank account at the time the bank receives the levy notice. One can continue to deposit funds after a levy and those funds are not subject to the levy, however there is much trepidation and fear and most people will not deposit more funds.

It is very difficult to convince the IRS to release a bank levy but there are circumstances where they will. I have great experience in negotiating with the IRS to release bank levies, either in part or full.
If you have received a notice of a bank levy from the IRS, please give me a call. Put my years of experience to work for you. I know the IRS and i know bank levies!