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Brock Tax Relief

When the IRS has assessed a tax liability against you, whether it’s a business tax or personal income tax debt, one option available to the IRS by statute is to seize an asset or assets for the purpose of liquidating those assets and apply the funds to a tax liability.

The seizure of assets can include an automobile, equipment used in the ordinary course of your business, your business itself or even your home. This is a powerful tool often utilized by revenue officers who are assigned to collect delinquent taxes from individuals or businesses.

As a former revenue officer, i have extensive knowledge and expertise with the seizure process. I can help mitigate the disastrous effects of an IRS seizure, frequently negotiating a “release of seizure” as part of an alternative resolution to the tax debt.

I’m happy to answer any questions regarding asset seizures and explain what resolutions might be available to you.