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Wage levies are a common and powerful collection tool in the IRS arsenal. They attach to a person’s wages and compel the employer to turn over the earnings of the employee to the IRS for outstanding tax liabilities. A small portion of the wages are exempt from the wage levy but this amount certainly does not leave one with enough funds to live on.

Wage levies are continuous in nature meaning they only have to be issued once and a person’s wages will continue to be submitted to the irs unless and until the tax debt is fully satisfied or another resolution is accepted by the irs.

I have successfully negotiated with the IRS to have many, many wage levies released, oftentimes before a taxpayer even loses their first paycheck.

Please contact me for a free, no obligation consultation if you have had your wages levied by the IRS or you have received a letter threatening to levy your wages. You will be glad you did!