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Brock Tax Relief Commitment To Excellence

If you are looking for tax representation with a commitment to excellence and a more personal approach to customer service then look no further. I don’t employ sales people or sub-contractors, I do ALL the work myself. I am accountable to YOU. When you call Brock Tax Relief I answer the phone. You don’t have to navigate through multiple layers of personnel to speak to the tax professional who is working for you.

My standards are high and I take pride in providing the best tax representation you can find. Before I was hired by the IRS I had to pass a stringent, extensive background check to ensure I met the ethical standards required to be a Revenue Officer. I still hold myself to those high, exacting standards in my tax practice. After 18 years of employment as a Revenue Officer with the IRS, I retired in April, 2004. Since then, I have been providing the highest quality tax representation to hundreds of people in need of professional representation. Few can match my credentials and even fewer can match my affordable prices. Whether you need tax return preparation or you owe back taxes you are unable to pay, rest assured your search for honest, competent and affordable tax representation is over.

Let me put an end to your unwanted relationship with the IRS. I know how. No sales people, no nonsense and no outrageous fees.
I’ll handle it personally.

You deserve honest tax relief – state tax relief, federal tax relief and IRS tax relief


Do You Owe Back Taxes?

Do you owe back taxes? If so, there are a number of ways to resolve them depending on your unique situation. The IRS will not advocate for you but I will. Let me put my years of experience to work for you. The IRS has deep pockets to pursue your income and assets to resolve your delinquent taxes. Fortunately, you don’t need deep pockets when you hire me. I offer affordable, competent tax representation that will ensure the most favorable resolution for you.

An IRS Wage Levy is the most devastating tax collection tool the IRS has in it’s arsenal. When your employer tells you they have to send your salary or wages to the IRS this can cripple you financially. If the IRS Levy does not satisfy your tax liability, your car, your home and even your business and other assets can be seized and sold at public auction. IRS levied wages are gone wages! Don’t let this happen to you!

Call Brock Tax Relief at 1 (209) 617-8668 to release a wage or bank levy. You will be glad you did.

Tax Debt Relief

Tax Debt Relief Through an Offer in Compromise (OIC)

This is a contractual agreement between the taxpayer and the IRS that allows for a less than full payment of the debt but with the same results as a full payment: Any tax liens are released after the OIC is accepted and the OIC is funded. The payment can be a one time payment or monthly installment payments.

The IRS accepts an OIC when they determine that the amount being offered by the taxpayer is greater than what can be collected by the IRS through their enforcement action. The acceptance rate of Offers is very low. There are conditions and requirements of future compliance that I can explain to anyone interested in an Offer in Compromise.

IRS Notice Of Intent To Levy And Notice Of Your Right To A Hearing



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